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                2019-02-20 13:56:26


                  Step 1 Lead -in

                  T: Class begin. Good morning, boys and girls, welcome to our English class. Before our new lesson, I want to sing a song” happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...” Do you know the name of song?

                  S: “happy birthday”

                  T: Excellent! When will you sing this song?

                  S: On my birthday.

                  T: Yes, this is a song for your birthday. Do you want to celebrate your birthday?

                  S: Yes!

                  T: OK! Today we are going to talk about birthday.

                  Step 2 Pre-reading

                  T: As we all known, birthday is a very important day for everyone! Now I want to do a survey.

                  What do you usually do or eat on your birthday?

                  S1: Birthday cake!

                  T: Yes! It’s very delicious! I like it. Anything else?

                  S: I will hold a birthday party.

                  T: Interesting!

                  S: I often eat noodles on my birthday.

                  T: Wow! So many things! I want to celebrate my birthday too. As we all known, we often eat eggs and noodles in China. Do you know the special meaning of it? Do you know what the other countries do or eat on their birthday?

                  Step 3 While-reading

                  Activity 1 skimming

                  T: OK, Please read the passage quickly. I will give you 3mins, then finish the match table in the PPT.

                  T: Time’s up! Any volunteer? You,please.

                  S: Paragraph one is the introduction of the different birthday food around the world.

                  T: Is he right?

                  Ss: Yes!

                  T: How about the Paragraph two?

                  S: Paragraph two is what people do on their birthday in UK.

                  T: Who can tell me the third and forth paragraph.

                  S: Paragraph three is what people do on their birthday in China. The last paragraph is why people eat special foods on their birthday.

                  T: Do you agree with him?

                  S: Good!

                  T: We know that different countries have their own birthday food. Do you know the special meaning of each kind of food?

                  Activity 2 scanning

                  T: Now, please read paragraph 2-3 carefully, and find the answer of the table. I will give you 5mins. OK, go!

                  T: Time is up. Now you can discuss these answers in your group.

                  T: OK, stop! Who want to try? You please!

                  S: In the UK, people sometimes put a candy in a birthday cake.

                  T: OK, Do you know the special meaning?

                  S: The child with the candy is lucky.

                  T: Next one?

                  S: In China, people often eat long noodles. Because the long noodles stands for long life.

                  T: Yes! You all did a good job!

                  CountryFoodSpecial meaning



                  Activity 3 careful reading

                  T: We have known the birthday food in the UK and China. Now let’s read the passage in details. This time, you should read the passage more carefully, line on the words you don’t understand. At the same time, you should think about the following 3 questions:

                  1. How can a person make his or her birthday wish come true?

                  2. What do people in the UK sometimes put in a birthday cake?

                  3. Why do people never cut up birthday noodles in china?

                  T: I will give you 5mins. Go!

                  T: Time is up. Turn back, make a discussion in your group.

                  T: Who wants to answer the first one?

                  S: Birthday person blows out all the candles in one go, his or her birthday wish can come true.

                  T: Do you agree with him?

                  T: All right! Sit down please!

                  T: The second one?

                  S: A candy

                  T: In the UK, people sometimes put a candy in a birthday cake.

                  T: Last one?

                  S: Because the long noodles are a symbol of long life.

                  T: Well done! We know different countries have different birthday food. And they have their own special meaning.

                  Step 4 Post-reading

                  T: Here is a good news for you! Suppose your birthday is coming, you want to invite your friends to your birthday party. Now, you should design your own birthday menu for yourself. And every kind of food must has its own special meaning and delicious!

                  Four students is a group, I will give you 5mins to design it. After that, you can invite you friends to attend you party. Clear?

                  T: OK! Go!

                  T: Just stop here! Who want to show your special menu for us?

                  T: You and you, come here!

                  T: Good job. Your birthday menus are so wonderful. I want to take part in your party too.

                  Step 5 summary

                  T: Today we have known the special meaning of birthday food in the UK and China. Who can tell me what they are?

                  T: Brilliant! Different countries have different cultures around the world. We should respect different cultures.

                  Step 6 Homework

                  T: You all did a good job today, I am so proud of you. I have a little task for you! Collect other countries’ birthday food and share these knowledge with their parents.

                  T: It’s time to end our class! Goodbye, boys and girls!